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Mary Garland Bullivant

Little Lass
Country Life, 1936, illus Frank Hart
Reprinted 1936, as Country Life Library 1941

Set on Exmoor, but not about Exmoors, this is the story of the pony Lassie. She has the usual ups and downs common to this type of story: good masters and bad, a slide down into poorer and rougher home, and at the end, a reunion with Teddy, her first master.

Fortune’s Foal
Country Life, 1938, illus Anne Bullen

Fortune’s Foal is a foal, and is the heroine of the book. Anne falls for the foal. Some years later Anne’s uncle says he will buy her a horse, and there at the sale, is the foal (now grown, obviously). The foal has not had an easy time of it, and the rest of the book deals with Anne’s attempts to learn how to manage her pony; in the end she rides her in a point-to-point.

Thanks to Sue Howes for the information on the content.

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