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Elisabeth Batt

A Pony to Stay

Lutterworth Press, London, 1968

Reprinted 1976, Lutterworth Press, pb

Lal Verney loved ride, but couldn’t afford to do it often. Allied to this she was too
shy to join a club or go to the local stables. When Joss Merton invited her to
ride her pony, soon they all became fast friends. But then Joss was told her
family were moving to a city, with no place for Cuffy. Shy as she was, Lal knew
that between her friendship for Joss and affection for Cuffy, she would have no
rest unless she tried to help.”

Bibliography - Pony Books Only

The Wilde Riders

Kingfisher, 1960, illus L F Lupton, 120 pp.

“Vicky has her own private bathroom and a father with a Rolls Royce; Alison is the powerful leader
of her 'set' at school. The Sherwoods have a secret society and do good deeds around the village.
The people in this book have everything. But have they? They need more than that to cope with the
problems of a broken home and a school corridor, and to ride through the storm as Katherine
Wilde once rode to her death.”